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Post Operative Recovery Phase with our Medical Staff

Do you need post operative recovery care? Are you searching for someone you can trust to assist you with your daily needs after your surgery? It is important to discuss the post-operative recovery phase of your treatment with your surgeon.He or she will provide you with a detailed set of instructions based on his or her surgical plan and your specific medical history.

After this conversation, schedule your service appointment with us. If it makes you feel safer, we could join the meeting with you onsite or via a zoom call.


Supportive Care offers care for the first 48 to 72 hours after surgery. Some surgeries require 7 day to 30 day recovery to properly heal. Our team is ready to service you no matter the lift of time that is needed for recovery. It is wise to hire at least one medical staff to ensure the safety of your recovery. You'll need someone to wake you for your medications, help you to the bathroom, prepare your food for you, and to be there in case there is an emergency. Supportive Care is excited to care for you during your recovery phase.


Supportive Care help our patients follow their doctor's instructions and use the dressings provided. They will provide the right amount of compression. We assist your doctor's instructions on bathing and dressing changes.


Supportive Care will help manage your stress by completing activities that you are unable to handle. Services include transportation, house duties (if surgery is local), medication reminders and administration and more.

We offer our patients a sense of privacy and confidence. For cosmetic surgeries, patients often times keep procedures private by allowing our team to care for them. Although we cater to the Detroit Metropolitan Areas, however, we also travel to Miami, Atlanta, Arizona, Los Angeles and Dominican Republic to ensure the safety of our clients during the recovery phase.

Book a Free Consultation for your quote today. Services start as low as $350. We look forward to hearing from you.

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